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Legal Aid Lawyers in Richmond - Energy law for the emerging world of energy markets is our firm's specialty. There are various challenges along with new opportunities for our company to help assist our numerous clients in taking advantage of this new world. Our energy law group offers a comprehensive array of legal services to international and domestic energy clients. We serve everyone from start-up companies to major corporations. Whether your business offers solar energy technology or more traditional forms of energy generation, both have complex transactional needs. We offer sound and realistic advice and representation drawing on a depth of understanding of the legal, economic, and political issues involved in energy matters.

1. Associated to the field of renewable/alternative energy technologies, we could help with new developments in solar, wind, fuel cells, biofuels, biomass, geothermal and hydropower. In the case of the solar energy trade, we act for manufacturers, users and developers in preparation of tax matters, development agreement, land and roof release, regulatory and legislative problems, commercial arrangements and financing agreements with investors with investors along with regulatory and legislative concerns;

2. We have experience in projects dealing with energy efficiency demand management and cogeneration comprising industrial, institutional and commercial contexts, consisting of financing, engineering, and construction concerns;

3. We offer advice to public and private entities in respect of new statutory requirements to complete energy plans, and their land use plan integration;

4. For energy projects we help to negotiate and structure joint venture arrangements, project financing, transfer and licensing arrangements, and acquisition;

5. We provide services to assist within the early stage financing and commercialization of clean technologies;

6. With new energy and environmental law requirements comprising carbon management and disclosure, we could help with approvals and compliance;

7. We help to create, protect and commercialize intellectual property rights;

8. We could help in venture capital opportunities, private equity, initial public offering opportunities;

9. For concerns like for example "leave to construct" applications for both gas and electricity infrastructure, we could represent clients at hearings before agencies and regulatory commissions, creation of independent transmission companies, licensing, setting of rates, approvals, compliance concerns and permitting

10. We counsel senior management and boards of directors about matters of corporate disclosure and governance, climate change, environmental stewardship and liability concerns, evolving regulatory concerns, and, where appropriate, assisting in representations to governments.

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Richmond is a lovely coastal city situated within the province of British Columbia. It is considered a part of Metro Vancouver and its nearest communities are Burnaby and Vancouver to the north, New Westminster to the east and Delta to the south. The Strait of Georgia forms the western border of Richmond.

The Vancouver International Airport if located within the city limits of Richmond and is found on Sea Island. The city is made up of the islands within the delta of the Fraser River. The largest and most populous of these islands is Lulu Island. The 2nd largest island is Sea Island, home to the Vancouver International Airport. Furthermore, there are 13 smaller islands that make up Richmond's 129...