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Family Law Lawyer Richmond - When having to handle a dispute, common disagreements about the correct solution might make a simple matter turn into a multifarious disaster. For you, it is essential to know the several matters concerning countervailing claims, legal rights and/or obligations of the parties, the value and nature of assets involved, and the effect which personal matters might have on the case. We understand that this can be a really stressful and emotional time, and our lawyers will work with you to make certain that your rights are maintained while achieving the very best possible results.

Our firm takes care of a variety of clients, ranging from persons to big groups. We handle both complex and simple problems with practicality and efficiency.

Our lawyers handle two main types of clients when dealing with Estate and Trust litigation: individuals and corporations with claims involving capacity matters, estates, and/or trusts and individuals and institutional trustees and substitute-deciders. The main types of cases which our firm specializes in consist of bonding claims, administrations, charity and foundation litigation, will challenges, dependent's relief, guardianships, passing of accounts and mediations.

In order to solve family situations such as property division and custody, claims for support, and other marital concerns, our firm is completely prepared to take on all the challenges.

During this emotionally draining time, the most important thing for our company is to make sure our team is met. Using our extensive resources and experience, we could come to a consensual resolution or to obtain the required court determination to make certain that the clients main objectives are achieved.

Our lawyers are able to discuss with different field professionals as we are part of a large, full service team. These resources help our lawyers find the most practical and achievable resolution for our clients, all while staying within budget.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver amazing results. Both at home and abroad, many of our lawyers have been recognized for the knowledge and skill.

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Richmond is a lovely coastal city situated within the province of British Columbia. It is considered a part of Metro Vancouver and its nearest communities are Burnaby and Vancouver to the north, New Westminster to the east and Delta to the south. The Strait of Georgia forms the western border of Richmond.

The Vancouver International Airport if located within the city limits of Richmond and is found on Sea Island. The city is made up of the islands within the delta of the Fraser River. The largest and most populous of these islands is Lulu Island. The 2nd largest island is Sea Island, home to the Vancouver International Airport. Furthermore, there are 13 smaller islands that make up Richmond's 129...