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Richmond Wealth Management - The process of developing a corporate and personal plan can be rather time-consuming, complicated and confusing.

Neglecting to make a long-term plan is one of the major mistakes that companies make. Even if they do create a long-term plan, they will neglect to update it accordingly to the tax and estate legislation. People usually spend some fleeting hours thinking about the distribution of estates when, in reality, it must be an ongoing process.

Making a long-term goal and keeping up to date on the tax and estate legislation are two things that our company does very well. We offer professional suggestion backed with years of skill in consultation and planning assistance. Also, our Wills and Estates department can provide support and personalized consults to individuals wishing to prepare their Wills.

Our company will be pleased to discuss your current objectives and help find a cost-effective way to meet your future objectives.

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Richmond is a lovely coastal city situated within the province of British Columbia. It is considered a part of Metro Vancouver and its nearest communities are Burnaby and Vancouver to the north, New Westminster to the east and Delta to the south. The Strait of Georgia forms the western border of Richmond.

The Vancouver International Airport if located within the city limits of Richmond and is found on Sea Island. The city is made up of the islands within the delta of the Fraser River. The largest and most populous of these islands is Lulu Island. The 2nd largest island is Sea Island, home to the Vancouver International Airport. Furthermore, there are 13 smaller islands that make up Richmond's 129...