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Patent Agent Richmond - Our lawyers specializing in Intellectual Property Law has many years of experience and expertise in developing new and innovative products, services, brands, and content for our clients. We can act on behalf or just advise our clients in the fields of intellectual property and technology law, focusing on unfair competition and trademarking. We likewise handle Internet law, copyrights, sports, art and entertainment law, and related litigation. We understand the investment you have in your intellectual property, and we provide the expertise necessary in order to realize maximum returns on your investment.

In order to assist protect Internet domain names, trademarks are of significant importance. Trademarks are great for handling the numerous "cyber squatters" who would try to steal your Internet customers. Our attorneys assist entrepreneurs in deciding on business names and marks which can be registered successfully and which would not violate the rights of others. We even assist established companies protect their current brands.

Our lawyers assist clients with the copyright registration method. We handle situations of plagiarism, unlawful copying, and various unfair uses of client's protected expression. Our firm knows that copyrights are vital to the success of clients in the art, publishing, recording and music industries, and including software, manuals, business plans, photographs, advertising copies, catalogs, jingles and designs.

When required, our lawyers have had a great deal of success litigating domain name, unfair competition, trademark, and copyright infringement disputes.

Our group help with agreements for licensing intellectual property and collaborations for use and creation of intellectual property. Our services comprise help in negotiating and structuring assignments, licenses, and other transactions wherein intellectual property can be commercially utilized and exploited.

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Richmond is a lovely coastal city situated within the province of British Columbia. It is considered a part of Metro Vancouver and its nearest communities are Burnaby and Vancouver to the north, New Westminster to the east and Delta to the south. The Strait of Georgia forms the western border of Richmond.

The Vancouver International Airport if located within the city limits of Richmond and is found on Sea Island. The city is made up of the islands within the delta of the Fraser River. The largest and most populous of these islands is Lulu Island. The 2nd largest island is Sea Island, home to the Vancouver International Airport. Furthermore, there are 13 smaller islands that make up Richmond's 129...