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Civil Litigation Lawyer Richmond - When a business goes through financial problems, it is important to choose the correct team to help your business through the essential processes. These can include insolvencies, bankruptcies and business restructuring. Our Business Restructuring and Insolvency Team has a wealth of experience to help you deal with these situations. Our lawyers are uniquely positioned to offer suggestion and representation, leading to timely, effective, and strategic solutions.

Our clients come from numerous different enterprises within industries like for instance automotive, biomedical, airline, communications, construction, entertainment, healthcare, funeral, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, mining, technology, steel, retail, natural resources, and real estate. Our lawyers can assist you with the complexities of cross-border proceedings administered under either Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code or the Canada Companies' Creditors Arrangement ("CCAA"). We have extensive skill with domestic and multi-national business restructurings and reorganizations, whether informal or court-supervised. Insolvency and bankruptcy restructuring legislation within the United States and Canada have a similar debtor-in-possession focus; nevertheless, the laws of the two jurisdictions are different enough to need people involved in cross-border proceedings to be knowledgeable about both jurisdictions. In recent years our lawyers have advised intermediaries and stakeholders within many of the largest insolvencies and restructurings under the CCAA, the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act ("BIA") and the Winding-up and Restructuring Act.

Timely access to the needed professionals could tip the scales in favour of a positive outcome during insolvency and business restructuring. Our group draws upon the depth and breadth of different skilled members within our global business in all legal fields connected to business reorganizations. Our company has professionals in mergers and acquisitions, banking and securitizations, public and private equity, labour and employment, real property and intellectual property, and governmental relations. In cases of insolvency needing advocacy before trial and appellate courts, our team provides experienced litigators.

Our services to various stakeholders consist of the following:

1. We help those financially challenged businesses about the options and alternatives of restructuring, which comprises the creating and directing of formal restructuring proceedings under the CCAA and the BIA.
2. In relation to businesses in financial distress, we advise board members and the special/independent committees of private and public corporations.
3. We advise in relation to insolvent business debtors, including providing suggestion in the context of cross-border restructuring procedures, to non-regulated and institutional lenders, agents to and members operational, term, asset-based and second-lien lenders, distressed debt investors, lending syndicates, trust indenture trustees, bondholders, formal and ad hoc noteholders committees, and private equity and hedge fund investors.
4. In cases being administered under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code related to Canadian and cross-border restructuring procedures, we advise the ad-hoc and formal creditors committees.
5. We can assist the many secured creditors in the insolvency procedures, concerning the enforcement of their security, privately and through court-supervised processes and the protections of their rights and interests.
6. We can help trustees through liquidators, bankruptcy, monitors, receivers, interim receivers, construction lien trustees and other court-appointed officers in CCAA procedures. What's more, we can make proposals under the BIA, consisting of bankruptcies and receiverships.
7. In relation to insolvent or defaulting debtors, we advise equipment lessors and vendors, suppliers, contracting third parties, and commercial landlords in restructuring and insolvency realizations and proceedings.
8. We advise purchasers obtaining businesses or distressed assets in cases administered under the BIA and CCAA, from trustees in bankruptcy and from privately or court-appointed receivers.
9. We assist investment bankers, financial advisors, and other consultants relating to their engagement in insolvency proceedings.
10. In the context of business restructuring, bankruptcy, and insolvency cases, we offer counsel on various litigation problems.
11.We prosecute and defend preference actions and litigation actions for fraudulent conveyance of assets and acquiring urgent relief to preserve and protect assets from dissipation, like for example mareva injunctions, injunctions, and anton pillar orders.

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Richmond is a lovely coastal city situated within the province of British Columbia. It is considered a part of Metro Vancouver and its nearest communities are Burnaby and Vancouver to the north, New Westminster to the east and Delta to the south. The Strait of Georgia forms the western border of Richmond.

The Vancouver International Airport if located within the city limits of Richmond and is found on Sea Island. The city is made up of the islands within the delta of the Fraser River. The largest and most populous of these islands is Lulu Island. The 2nd largest island is Sea Island, home to the Vancouver International Airport. Furthermore, there are 13 smaller islands that make up Richmond's 129...